Monday, April 1, 2013

Why not April Cools Day?

Click on the picture to enlarge enough to read those blasted tiny words on the right.

Stream of consciousness blogging. I had this near-creepy picture from a site for free images. I knew I'd find a use for it someday. April Fools Day is that day.

I went through the alphabet to pick a word that rhymes with "fool." Drool came to mind first, then ghoul, mule...I was sidetracked. So I went back to A and started over until I settled on "cool."

The mannequin's hair reminds me of wool roving. How I even know the term is because I've wasted the vestiges of my youth perusing etsy too much.

As with many blog posts, I started out intending to do a Facebook status update. Then I thought, "Well, it will get likes, but those are cheap and tawdry because they may be liking the picture, which I didn't create, instead of the caption. I'll not be able to separate the true likes from the cheap likes. Also, I haven't posted on the blog in a while."

So this is appearing on both blog and Facebook, as I seem to have very little crossover in readership between those two platforms (look at that, I sound like the social media self-proclaimed experts, spouting "platform" like it's part of my daily vocabulary.) If you're seeing this on the blog, you're seeing the behind-the-scenes of its posting. See, better to read the blog than skim Facebook.

Do you still send paper greeting cards? Do you spend way too much time picking the one that says just the thing you want to say, only more perfectly? And then do you hover over the blank inside, agonizing over what to write in your own words? This is how to start writing: You do free association. This is how this blog post was written.