Sunday, April 17, 2011

You have to start somewhere

Little cat, big dreams, originally uploaded by scrollwork.

You walk on all fours most of the time, scrounging for scraps and hearing "Scram!"

You're not the alpha cat, nowhere near an acrobat, but every day you talk to a pic of your hero, The Cat in the Hat.

If you stretch every muscle, you can just see over the wall. Someday you'll be out there. Everybody will know about you.

Today you'll practice. You'll fall. You'll fail. The alley cats will jeer. Give it up, they'll snicker. Settle in. Get fat. We're cats.

But Lady Gaga's words speak to your heart. "You will never forget me." And when those words came true for her, she added, during an interview, "So, haha." You're not above gloating. When the time comes.

What really scares you is mediocrity. What pisses you off is complacency.

Take this one, for instance. Nature bestowed gorgeousness in gobs. But does he use his gifts with gratitude?

You think not. He will never amount to anything more than a decorative pet. You turn up your nose, and practice some more.