About Scrollwork

Mid-life is a reinvention phase for this Filipino expat living in California's Central Valley. After writing features for newspapers and speeches for CEOs for 19 years, I can finally write to please myself and a readership that gets wry humor and quirky reflection. It isn't meant to pay the bills but to feed the soul in a way that no desk job ever did for me.

What's in it for you? This blog sniffs out whimsy like pigs unearth truffles. I'll take you along as we look through the lens of someone who grew up in a conservative Catholic culture and is sometimes dismayed, sometimes delighted by the contrast with a more relaxed but less disciplined north American lifestyle. Some posts will be flippant and some will be as somber as Ben Stein on Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I majored in Literature and assumed I'd be in a monogamous relationship with words for life. When I was summarily dismissed from a lucrative writing/editing job in 2009, I found my life repurposed on etsy's hands-on global community. Now I spend most days designing and handsewing fluidwear for the rogue romantic. Every garment or trinket I create from discarded clothes and thrift store oddities echoes how I reinvented my life. I hawk my wares on Swoosh by Scrollwork.

You'll find my offbeat thought leakage daily on Swoosh by Scrollwork on Facebook. Come on in, the wit is fine! I don't talk much in real life. When I keep my mouth shut, my eyes and ears function better. You'll see some of what I notice and capture on camera on Flickr. Away from the laptop and sewing studio, I'm either on the dance floor instructing on ballroom and Latin dance or on the yoga mat reconnecting with God. If you're not easily scandalized you can watch me performing.

If you're new here, these posts most reveal what's on my heart at this experimental stage in life. I hope you will be encouraged as you read.

A Glimpse of What's Possible
You are a Masterpiece Unfolding

You Have to Start Somewhere

These are the things that interest me: 
Acculturation, ballroom dance, costume creation, eco-friendly handmade clothing, creative writing, flower gardening, macro photography, humorous memoirs, motivational blogging, and yoga. I'm keeping this list open.

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Thanks for coming over. I hope you'll stay awhile and chat.