Monday, September 2, 2019

Sometimes you really need to hear a voice

What we need is the option to post our own voices,
not just words, photos and videos. I want to hear
the love in people's voices,
the wonder and marvel,
the discouragement and heartbreak.
Our voices carry so much of who we are and how we feel. 

And this would not only open up the digital world to the sight-impaired, but give pause
to the selfie-indulgent
and freedom from self-consciousness
to the camera-shy and spelling-incapable.

If we can post in audio we might also learn
to listen better,
to use our other senses to connect.

If we can lean back at the end of a long day and listen rather than stare at a screen,
blue-light insomnia might be a thing of the past.

If we post in audio we might be more circumspect,
less trollsome, more mindful
of the admonition to only speak
if it improves upon the silence.