Tuesday, August 27, 2019

If I steam my yoni will you grill your lingam?

Yoni steaming is a thing. My yogi mates and I had a detailed discussion. There might have been some guffawing, some of it from me. Later I explained what this is to Steve, complete with gestures and stepping over an imaginary pot of boiling herb-infused water. I drew my pretend sari skirt around my real-mama hips.
"You should tell them 'My husband said my yoni is already steamy,' " he said.
Next up on the agenda: Why isn't there lingam grilling? Or is there?

Understanding is extraneous to forgiveness

Turns out I don't have to understand why someone did me harm to get to the point of forgiveness. I hadn't realized I was trying to use the old route of "understand, so you can forgive" but it hasn't worked these past six months. Maybe my endless thought loops of "why, why why" were just justification for my unreadiness to forgive?
Tonight's meditation takeaway: "compassion for someone you don't understand." Thanks, Jake Murry.

Forty is old but midlife is young old age

What they don't tell you about growing older is that 40 sounds old but mid-50s is young again. In your 40s you're always comparing yourself to your past self—abilities, appearance, energy, ambition. Once you cross into your 50s you start looking around, and really seeing, the folks in their 70s, 80s, 90s...and boy are you glad you are still young. A young senior is younger in attitude and gratitude than an aging middle-ager who is too preoccupied with resisting to practice accepting the inevitable.