Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Late Bloomers have more fun!

Teresa Cash, who blogs at "I'm a Late Bloomer," has a heartfelt mission: to encourage people to awaken to their latent talent. She knows firsthand the experience of only later in life discovering and nurturing the seed of a dream hidden for so long.

I learned about Teresa's blog via a comment she made on Where Women Create's Facebook page. Immediately her passion resonated with me. Her motive—encouragement—aligns with my values. Her method—storytelling—allows people to share from the heart in an environment that celebrates each person's unique journey. There is no competitiveness, no horn-tooting, nothing to hardsell. In addition, Teresa's blog design is so appealing that it is a visual treat along with a filling feast for the soul.

When she and I "met" via email, Teresa's blog was going through a lull. She had written a beautiful and candid post about learning to let go and trust. As much as she believed in her dream of celebrating creative late bloomers, she also had to believe that "the stories are out there and will be directed to me."

"Magical things can happen when we let our creative spirits out to play. Everyone has a story and it’s in telling your story that  you can encourage and inspire someone else. Being a creative Late Bloomer is not about being a certain age or doing something totally magnificent. It’s about finding your creative self, later in life, even in the simple things." ~Teresa Cash
Today, Teresa featured my story on her blog. It would mean the world to me if you could visit her at I'm a Late Bloomer and leave a comment. Encouragers always appreciate encouragement!


  1. I went to her blog and left a comment. Thanks for sharing. I could certainly relate.

    1. Hi, daydreamsdustbunnies! Thank you so much for visiting here and over at Teresa's. Please consider telling your story on her blog, too. Let's keep the chain of encouragement going.

      I love your etsy shop of upcycled dishware garden art! I'll put a link here so my readers can enjoy browsing, too:

      I'm off to read your blog at